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yay!  so my First Post has officially escaped the shame of being the Only post...thanks to the nocturnal musings of my younger sisters.  last night, while my two sisters, "S" and "P," and I were lying in our respective beds, we somehow came to discussing evolution and human consciousness.  (so that this post doesn't give a false and distorted impression of our usual topics of conversation, know that we typically broach questions like "which anime character would i be?" or "what if you could manipulate the sound of your fart so that it could pass for the sound of a cricket chirping or of someone saying 'hmm?' "  

anyway....S brought up the question, and as a bio major, i found myself scratching my head.  i believe that evolution was/is an elegant and simple way for God to create this world...i'm as much a fan of Darwin as I am of the Bible.  but, how exactly can you explain human consciousness in evolutionary terms? i mean, human consciousness is certainly different from animal consciousness (mere sentience and a will to follow that universal biological ambition: the survival of one's genes), isn't it?  i have a feeling the athiest scientists would answer that human and animal consciousness differ only in their aspect, and not in their "purpose"...in other words, a more complex consciousness was merely an adaptive feature (or an accidental byproduct of some other adaptive feature) that enabled homo sapiens to fulfill the universal bioligical ambition.  i think that mindset can easily be summed up as "humans are only fancy, upgraded animals, right?" (those models with 4WD and power steering are, after all, still only cars).

ack.  so obviously, as a Catholic, I don't embrace the philosophy that i just described.  i'm just curious how our distinctly human consciousness came to be.  what's the story behind the evolution of the soul?

heh...this post is embarrasingly heavy and disorganized...and it's posts like these that make me glad this is an anonymous blog.  phew. =D


my First Post

I wonder if all bloggers feel the same way when cutting the ribbon on their shiny, new, customized weblogs.  Do they agonize over what first impression to give?  Are there some things that every good first post should have?  If the capital letters don't give it away, my First Post feels that it should be dramatic and important - that it should set the tone for all future posts.  Well, it'll have to content itself with simply breaking the ice so that the next post doesn't seem too random.

Hopefully, this First post will not be the Only post.  I have about six journals, each roughly 10% full.  Maybe the novelty of having my own piece of cyber real estate - complete with way-cool emoticons and a customizable background (woohoo) - will be enough to keep the posts coming.  Only time will tell.



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